Do I Have a Claim? –Types of Cases we Handle
There is no crystal ball with investing, but certainly some investments carry less risk and are more predictable than others. Brokerage firms will frequently argue that investor losses are due to a natural downturn in the market, but broker fraud and negligence are more common than most investors realize. Broker wrongdoing is also difficult to detect because it can be hard for many investors to wade through the complexities of financial concepts on their own. For this reason, unsophisticated investors have little way of knowing whether their losses are caused by market forces, bad investment advice, or outright fraud. Depending on how the losses were sustained, investors have a variety of legal claims that can help them recover their losses. Here are a few of the more common claims:
Depending on where the malpractice took place, there are additional claims that a customer can bring against brokerage firms under federal and state law. The Law Office of Moshe Y. Singer can help you recover your investment losses and determine whether your situation meets the requirements for these claims – call us for a free consultation.
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